More engagement and sales. 
Less time and cost. 


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mChain is a marketing consultancy that delivers more engagement, sales and revenue for telco and tech companies by providing agile marketing capabilities.

Replacing the big consultancy model, we enable brands to plug in on-demand resource to meet the needs of the multidisciplinary marketing world. Smartly connecting Insight, Creativity and Technology across our end-to-end strategy platform.

Insight driven strategy and execution


Specialised Research, Insight and Market Segmentation to identify customer needs...

…which defines the optimal Value Proposition and Campaign Planning...

…which drives agile campaign execution via specialist innovative providers…

…evaluated by KPI monitoring to understand Media, Creative, and Value Proposition Effectiveness.

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Plug in marketing capability without the usual budget and time commitment.

We harness the Marketing as a Service (Maas) model: modular marketing services ready to deliver on-demand when you need them. 

mChain gives you the marketing infrastructure, applications, technology and business processes delivered through a curated network of marketing specialists. 

The Marketing as a Service model provides agility, simplicity and scalability to clients who need to augment their existing capabilities and drive performance without the usual budget and time levels of commitment.

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