Do what you do Best. 

Be a Rockstar.


It's Work - but the way you like it

We know that the most creative, most innovative, most on-it talent isn’t sat in huge open plan offices churning out work en-masse. The magic is made by the individuals, niche agencies and developers working smart and fast. mChain is about bringing these diverse professionals together to achieve wonders.

We’ve listened hard and reimagined the process of working, so you get more of what you like and less of what you don’t.

No  More  New Business Development Or Cold Calls 

We  learn what you do and  bring  you  a  flow  of  quality  work, relevant  to  your skills and experience. 

Crystal  Clear  Briefings

An  end  to  vague  briefs!    All  the  content  you  need  along  with  context  from  the  wider  strategy,  objectives  and  learnings  from  previous  activities. 

Workflow  and  Approvals  

Our Platform  handles  the  day  to  day  account  management; with smart engagement and communication tools.  mPlatform ensures  that  output  is  on  strategy  and  that  feedback  is  relevant.

Team  Work

We  know  that  you  hate  working  in  silos,  without  wider  view  on  projects  or  being  part  of  a  team.  We  build  a  team  and  the  mPlatform makes  communication  and  collaboration  seamless. 

Performance  &  Optimization

we  all  like  to  know  if  we’re  making  a  difference,  we  share  campaign  results  with everyone who’s contributed, so  we  can  continuously optimize. 

Finance  &  Admin

You’d  rather  be  doing  what  you're  best  at,  right?  We’ll  build  your  estimates,  handle invoicing  and  ensure  timely  payments.

Reward and Recognition

Peer and client reviews, build your profile with badges and points to get more rewarding projects.

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Be like Luisa

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The mChain Platform

The mChain platform is in development phase and promises to smartly disrupt the marketing services industry.  

We have a roadmap of new products and features so that we can fulfil our mission to change the way the way marketing services are procured and delivered.

As we build our client base, we learn. Our UX and Customer Journey research is constantly live while we engage with both Brands and mProviders about how the products on the mChain platform should function and perform. 






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