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Why Brands Use Us

The marketing industry is getting more and more complicated. There’s a whole universe of niche creative and digital specialisms, meaning that true creativity and innovation is delivered by individuals and boutiques: no one-stop-shop provider can legitimately claim innovative work. What’s more - marketing requires a series of successful interactions between key functions that are too often missing. 

All of this means that budgets are wasted by large agencies and consultancies – managed by expensive marketing organizations – delivering poorly executed strategies without the promised returns.

mChain has a different approach to marketing for Engagement, Profitability and Sales, and it starts here...


Understanding the Customer

Understanding customers attitudes, category knowledge and their connected lives is at the heart of what mChain does.

To build this understanding we plan and execute a wide range of market research, customer insight analytics, competitor intelligence and voice of the customer programs, either fully outsourced or by augmenting existing customer insight capabilities with new tools and best practice. 

One-off research projects have a shelf life and thus are of limited value, we work by developing continuous programs which deliver actionable insight, we call this our Insights Engine and it drives a winning Go To Market Strategy.


Be Insight Driven:

Compelling Value Propositions

Customer-led product design

Smarter decision support

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Go To Market Strategy

An Insights Engine that gives a significant Understanding of the Customer allows us to build a winning Go To Market strategy. 

This can be designing products, fitting value propositions to customer needs, building smarter and disruptive ways of pricing. It can be prioritising which sales channels will bring results and what how the communications strategy should work – the messaging and the media.

What’s important is that the customer is front of mind and their needs can be serviced totally, and profitably.


Be Innovative & Collaborative:

Rapid to market campaigns

Innovative specialists

Collaborate with stakeholders

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Connecting Brands with Connected Lives

Understanding the customer, and building effective segmentation means that we can understand the connected lives of consumers. 

mChain builds a customer engagement plan that merges brands into consumers connected lives - hitting each customer with the relevant message via the relevant media at the relevant time.

mChain can manage the entire execution of your campaign via our network of Provider Partners. We prefer to work with boutique creative agencies, media planners, and innovative digital developers –this gives us optimum creativity, speed, value and results. 

Brand Partners get full transparency of the Provider Partners used, and of course there’s full confidentiality on all sides.

Our model gives us the agility to deliver quality, quickly – which means we can learn what works and do more of it.


Optimize Performance:

Save time with less admin and suppliers

No more expensive bloated agencies

Trusted team to execute and augment capability 

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Performance Marketing and Optimization

With attribution modelling we are able to methodically test messaging, propositions, creative, media – identify what is driving the most and best quality traffic.

Combined with an agile communications approach – we make frequent iterations to campaign parameters and drive down cost per response, cost per sale and improve Marketing Return On Investment.


Make your marketing work

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